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thoughts on the stay-at-home mug exchange...

updated tue 15 jun 10


Cathi Newlin on sun 13 jun 10

Seriously, who doesn't like trading art?
But beyond that...
I've not been able to attend NCECA yet (when will they be holding it in
Angels Camp???), but for a few years now I've been participating in the
Stay-At-Home mug exchange and its my favorite clay event of the year.
Lately, I've been thinking about what I get out of that experience, and
I have to say that - cool pots aside - the best thing to come out of it
for me is mentoring.
Particularly as I become more serious about my art, I am finding that
the connections I make through the exchange (coupled with the magic of
FaceBook) go way beyond a lovely bit of clay to call my own.

My last two exchange partners in particular have continued to provide me
with insight, encouragement, and practical advice as I make my way. I'm
really grateful for that. Especially as a potter in a rather isolated area.
What a great thing!
So, thanks Janet for organizing the exchange and thanks to you
experienced potters who participate even when you don't really need
another ashtray or dog bowl !

Cathi Newlin, Angels Camp, Ca

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