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raku is not for the anal retentive

updated mon 21 jun 10


Deborah Thuman on sun 20 jun 10

A couple weeks ago, we were at NM Clay and I was looking at the glaze
mixes for raku glaze. One was called shell something or something
shell. There was no test tile, but I figured it was shades of pink and
that was fine. Jim did a test tile a week ago and got the most
gorgeous shades of iridescent blues. Colors that would stop traffic in
Manhattan. So... today, Jim did a little raku fire. He glazed my jar
and menorah with the new glaze. Did we get blues? No. Gold. Go figure.

When it comes to raku, I figure put on glaze and hope for the best.
There's no predicting what will come out of the kiln and the can.

I'll put photos up on the blog later tonight.

Deb Thuman