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casseroles, madeleines--and how to attract men...

updated mon 28 jun 10


Lili Krakowski on sat 26 jun 10

Probably the aroma of great food attracts more men than the aroma of =3D
perfumes. However.

Casseroles like madeleines have two meanings. They are actual objects, =3D
and, since Proust, madeleines stand for the
key to memory lane.

Casseroles--as containers for the thing contained remain...because just =3D
about every cuisine has some recipes that are cooked in a covered =3D
vessel. Slow cookers and crockpots (are they the same thing) are =3D
casseroles. So are tagine pots...

But in the other, evocative sense, casseroles were indeed common and =3D
beloved one dish meals. Macaroni and cheese remains popular. Tuna fish =
casserole--one of my favorite meals--is rarely encountered. I am lucky =3D
to have a good friend who loves it too, and makes it at times as a treat =
for the both of us.

Casseroles are quite economical. So after WWII when people were poor =3D
but hopeful, and had a handful of kids, only children being rare and =3D
pitied...casseroles were popular. =3D20

And yes: such a "covered dish" frequently was a present for neighbors =3D
who had just moved in.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage