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images of la mesa at nceca

updated fri 9 jul 10


Antoinette Badenhorst on wed 7 jul 10

Clayarters, does any one of you have any high quality images=3DC2=3DA0taken=
at =3D
the La Mesa show itself , =3DC2=3DA0that you are willing to share with me. =
should be good enough for printing. I do have images provided by Santa Fe =
Clay, but I hope to get some of the place settings. If you have any and you=
have the artists information available, it would be even better. I will al=
so need a name for photo recognition.=3D20


Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20

Dan Dermer on thu 8 jul 10

Hi Antoinette-

I uploaded my La Mesa/NCECA photos to Flickr. this link should work:

If you need higher resolution on a particular shot - just let me know. I
can send you the photo directly.

I tried to capture the artists' names next to each place setting.



Dan Dermer

Higher Fire Studios <-- new web