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updated mon 26 jul 10


Carl Cravens on thu 22 jul 10

ic Glazes

On 07/22/2010 05:20 AM, Eric Hansen wrote:
> Edouard, thanks for posting recipes& images. i always like recipes, they
> are friendly to other potters no matter what the " [image: \alpha =3D
> \frac{1}{V} \biggl(\frac{\delta V}{\delta T} \biggr)_{P}\] " people say.

You are evil. :)

1) Because most people on the list have no idea what that was, and probably=
thought you posted incorrectly and they were the only ones who couldn't re=
ad it... and thus skimmed right past it and didn't care.

2) Because *I* knew it was LaTeX, but I'm no physics/chem-head and had to g=
o searching to figure out what the equation was before I could move on.

2a) Because you can probably write LaTeX equations off the top of your head=
and I can't, which makes me jealous.

3) Because I still don't get it, as I don't know what the "coefficient of t=
hermal expansion people" say.


(I like seeing Edouard's work, and I admire his ingenuity in using waste ma=
terials from local industry in glazes. Even if it's not really useful to m=
e directly.)

Carl D Cravens (
I buy you sigs, and I buy you sigs, but all you do is eat the bits!

Carl Cravens on fri 23 jul 10

ic Glazes

On 07/22/2010 09:42 PM, Edouard Bastarache wrote:
> "Even if it's not really useful to me directly.)"
> Substitutions are supplied when necessary,
> on the blogs.

Oh, I missed that there were substitutions. Thanks for taking that extra e=

The computer programmer part of me cries out for reliable, standardized mat=
erials, reproducible formulae and consistency. But the wild, rebellious pa=
rt of me wants to say, "If Gerstley Borate gets cool results, supply and co=
nsistency be damned, use it while it's available." :)

Unfortunately for my pottery, the wild, rebellious part of me is very small=
and quiet. But it's rather handy in my job as a software developer and sy=
stems administrator.

Carl D Cravens (
Old beta-testers don't die, they just crash to DOS.