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oven baked paints

updated tue 6 jan 98


Cheryl L Litman on mon 5 jan 98

Some time ago somebody asked about what non-firing material they could
use on commercial tiles to paint on a decoration.

In the Dick Blick (1-800-828-4548) winter 1998 supplement they have 3
materials which can be painted on almost anything and heat set in the
oven to a "hard, ceramic-like finish" on metal, glass and ceramics. Not
food safe according to the ad and of course no indication of how wear

One is called Liquitex Acrylic Glossies

Then there's another called Createx Multi-Surface Acrylics which says
they can be heat-set with a hot air gun.

The third is called Porcelaine by Pebeo and says it gives a hard, durable
enamel like finish safe for detergents and dishwasher top racks.

Cheryl Litman
Somerset, NJ