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i think i need kiln elements

updated sun 29 aug 10


Pam Cresswell on fri 27 aug 10

I have a test size kiln I fire beads and charms in, sometimes even coffee
cups, it is a real little power house, but the last firing was so slow that
the controler (just got the controler a month or so ago) canceled the
firing. It has been getting slower, when I first got it it could fire to
cone 6 in about 5 hours, now it is more like 10. I just did an inspection,
the elements look fine, no breaks or glaze drips on them, they both heat, I
stuck a piece of paper on each and they both scorched the paper after the
kiln was on for a few min.
So, I guess it is a no brainer, I need to replace them. I have never
replaced them before, so it is new territory for me, but I am a fixer, so I
will manage.
Any sugestions for where to order from (Euclids?) and what I will need for
this bit of kiln surgery?

Pam of the underfired beads......I may have to make earthenware things till
I get the kiln back up to I think I have a few bags of
earthenware clay, dry as a bone. I know the kiln will still get up to that
temp! I hate to stop working.....

Clyde Tullis on sat 28 aug 10

It sounds to me like the elements are fine.