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subject: teach at a school? checking your electric kiln duct may b=

updated sat 4 sep 10


Roxanne Hunnicutt on fri 3 sep 10

e worth the time it takes...

> Teach at a school? Checking your electric kiln duct may be worth the ti=
> it takes...
> This kind of stuff poses a blatant safety hazard to
> kids and is not to be tolerated!

Well, if I were not a teacher of forty years with nine or more different
building under my proverbial belt, I might not believe it!

Once in Port Orford OR I had a new art room, well, new to ME and it had a
drain in the floor right where a building had been built onto an old part o=
the school. It made no sense to me until it rained. ANd believe me IT REALL=
RAINS on the coast there and storms and BLOWS: seventy miles an hour
regularly every winter. SO a big storm comes and I find that there is A REA=
WATER FALL THAT GOES DOWN THAT DRAIN!!!!!! It came out ten inches from the
wall, it poured so fast. And in that district, I knew not to even bother
reporting anything. The superintendent's name was Mickey Maus and it really
was a Mickey Mouse affair!

Ah, the joys of public schools.

We built three schools here on the same plans and in the first two, ten
years apart those crook neck faucets over the science sinks did not even
come close to hitting the sink. They finally got it right on the third
school. Those other science labs could never be used and it is thirty years
later. Sad for kids.

Rox in OR where we fail to fund the schools for generations and generations
of students. Hate to sound like a bummer, but the truth is the truth. Go to
Portland and they have libraries with books and everything tho! Our public
schools are not in any way fair and equal. Find the votes and that is where
the money goes. This is really off subject, huh?