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naval gazing or business cards

updated sun 5 sep 10


Karen Sullivan on sat 4 sep 10

I guess I wanted to jump into this discussion....

I was given the bar of defining art as work that
Contributes to the field with innovative, new ideas.
Craftsmen work within existing traditions.
This is not a value judgment, just a
Comment on the content or the work.
Art creates new, innovative ideas.
The process of new form pushes the stream of
Art dialog into a new terrain. It creates a new
Vision. For me, when using
this specific paradigm as the
Definition of art, value judgments
Of a range of issues are not under consideration....

Skill would also not be a part of the discussion
on the product produced.

I would consider the additional availability
Of material or technological/scientific discoveries our
world offers as a powerful
Force in the creation of new objects.
Examples would be inclusion stains and
Color development in high fire glazes.

I would also consider the historical context
To be significant in influencing the content of
Ideas...placing the object in an historical framework.

Then art becomes a barometer of our place in history.

The number of true artists is then a very
Small, select group of people.
That is not to discredit the remarkable
Craftsmen working in the field of art.

So, when I asked how to decide if the
Work is any good, the response I was given
Was to question if it was memorable.
That has some limitations,
As the longer one is working with art issues,
The more often one sees similar ideas
Being re-worked. There is actually very
Little innovative work being done.
And the element of surprise has another
Level of value in determining the importance
Of the work.
We could all name the short list of artists easily,
When you consider the thousands of people
Working in the field of Art. So, my view is
There are thousands of craftsmen working, calling
Themselves artists, producing what they call
Art objects. I guess it just doesn't matter.
The work will be a hit somewhere...

So, I was advised to research ancient history,
Or ideas that are buried....the advice
Was how innovative your ideas are,
Was based on how obscure your sources are.
Under this framework, nothing is new.
With this in just needs to keep working....

Just thoughts about how I view the process...
I view myself as a craftsman....I don't see
Any purely innovative ideas in my work.
Only an investigation in my vocabulary of form
With clay.