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updated tue 7 sep 10


DJ Brewer on sun 5 sep 10

Well, I finally did it. I started a ceramics blog. All that I've got
posted right now is some monsters I've made recently, in varying stages
of completion -- but I'm happy with the results.
There's not much in the way of words in it right now -- but that's ok.
It will be a place where I can post my work and my thoughts and musings
on how to create them, and my detailed ramblings about each aspect of
the work -- the claybody, the slips I made, or the slips I bought and
tried out, the glazes I mixed and what they did and how they worked.
Nobody cares about that sort of thing on my facebook, but I've been
posting it there now and then anyway.

But I wanted my OWN ceramic journal, because it is my passion and it is
what interested me. Most people will not be interested in the type of
notes and blogging that I will be doing there, but the monsters are cool
and definitely have some entertainment value.

much love