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american ceramic circle meeting - milwaukee nov 4-7

updated thu 16 sep 10


Rob Hunter on wed 15 sep 10

The Chipstone Foundation and the Milwaukee Art Museum are pleased to host=
the 2010 American Ceramic Circle Symposium. The exciting program include=
a series of lectures and related activities to be held November 4=3D967 at =
one of=3D20
the world's most beautiful art museums, designed by famed architect Santi=
Calatrava and breathtakingly situated on the shore of Lake Michigan.=3D20

We are delighted to note that the 2010 Symposium will coincide with the=3D2=

exhibition Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware sponsor=
by Old Salem Museum and Gardens, the Chipstone Foundation, and the=3D20
Caxambas Foundation. This ground-breaking exhibition, which showcases=3D20=

more than 120 objects from the major North Carolina earthenware tradition=
will be discussed by the exhibit=3D92s co-curator, Luke Beckerdite, in a Th=
evening lecture and reception.=3D20

The Symposium=3D92s diverse array of lectures, presented by an i=3D
recognized group of scholars, will cover topics relating to 16th- to 20th=
century American, Chinese, English, and European ceramics. Key speakers=3D=

will include Bly Straube, Jed Levin, Victor Owen, Rob Hunter, Ellen Denke=
Jody Clowes, Michelle Erickson, Mel Buchanan, Dawn Odell, Nonnie=3D20
Frelinghuysen and 
Kate Smith.

Reino Liefkes, Senior Curator of the V&A will discuss the re-installa=3D
tion of the=3D20
new ceramics galleries.

Ivor Noel Hume will be in attendance to discuss his collection during a s=
tour of the Chipstone Foundation.=3D20

Attendance to ACC Symposium is generally limited to ACC members but a=3D20
number of guest registrations may be available. See the ACC website for=3D=

further details: