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updated thu 16 sep 10


Darlene Yarnetsky on wed 15 sep 10

Hi everyone!

I ran a studio for 15 years in Madison Indiana and my husband and I recentl=
moved to the Philadelphia area. The last few years, I was not making a
profit in my shop, but it was as much my health issues and not being able t=
be open enough as it was the economy. Moving into this area, I am finding
rent for space of any short to be much higher than in Indiana (no surprise)
and my pottery things are in storage awaiting a space.

I am doing better than before health wise, but due to migraines and other
issues, know that I will not be able to put in 60 hour weeks, no matter how
much fun I am having. We are in a better situation financially, so I don't
have to make a pile of money through the shop, but I do have to bring in
some. My question for all of you is how is the market doing? Are we in
better shape than a year ago? Our portion of Indiana was really bad when w=
left, and my best customers were spending less the last few years, and I am
wondering if what all of the shops in our town were seeing then, is the sam=
as what is happening elsewhere now? I know the outdoor shows were so-so a
year ago, but I have no feedback on 2010.

I don't intent to open a storefront again, but am looking to set up a
workspace and sell through nice gift shops/galleries, maybe some sales
through the internet and if the location is decent, have an occasional open
house. Anyone in the Philly area who has any suggestions for searching for
studio space - I would love to hear from you! We are up in Ambler, and are
sharing a car, so somewhere within a half hour is what we are hoping for.
Probably starting the 1st of the year, unless a great opportunity shows up=

Any suggestions on any of this I would like to hear!
Thank you!