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dead chickens

updated sat 25 sep 10


Cherry Knobloch on wed 22 sep 10

This has been a fun topic- especially since my DH and I have spent the last
few days building another coop. I have 8 guineas and 4 chickens and want
more chickens! Not to eat, but for the eggs. I'm aiming for a variety of

The guineas are molting and there are feathers everywhere.

How long should that kiln baked chicken be in there? Should I program a
hold? ;-)

Cherry Knobloch
Chesapeake, Va USA

Patty on wed 22 sep 10

There is the story of a studio manager at an art center who decided to put =
turkey in the kiln during a regular firing, the turkey exploded, much damag=
was done and he lost his job.

Patty Kaliher