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back from paris and circuits ceramiques

updated mon 27 sep 10


Marcia Selsor on sun 26 sep 10

I have been off Clayart for a long time...personal matters taking =3D
I am back. My husband had a meeting in Paros and I went along due to =3D
some health problems he has been experiencing.
However, I was lucky to have my days free. Before we left, I received =3D
emails announcing ceramics shows in Paris for the week we were to be =3D
there. How wonderful!.
There were 40 exhibitions all over the area. I made all of those within =3D
the city. I missed the Anagama show at Versailles. The International =3D
Academy of Ceramics was having their 44th meeting. The Academy is a =3D
group of ceramists, writers, and professionals elected into the body.=3D20
The members show and reception was at the Serves Porcelain =3D
factory/museum on the outskirts of Paris. I ran into Clayart's Barbara =3D
Brown...I knew she'd be there. It was great to see a few familiar faces. =
Baraba's was first. Verne Funk from San Antonio was next. His face was =3D
recently featured in a Ceramics Arts Daily article about underglaze =3D
specifically pencils. Verne has been living in San Antonio after =3D
retiring from Lubbock, Tx.=3D20
Robert Harrison from the Bray and Anna Holcomb were there as well. I met =
a young woman from Ireland who had recently finished a residency in =3D
Hungary and was hanging her work at one of the shows close to Gare de =3D
Lyon. Here is the website.=3D20
They were very strict about no photos in galleries and museums. Some of =3D
the best shows IMHO were the members show, the NewGeneration at =3D
and many more.
I tried to see them all.
It is good to be home.
Marcia Selsor