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don reitz/woodfiring class

updated thu 7 oct 10


Dannon Rhudy on wed 6 oct 10

Don Reitz juried Ceramics USA a few years
back, and I coordinated the show. That is,
I was the gofer, taxi, meal-provider, problem
fixer, trouble-smoother, clay mixer, etc. All
I knew about him when he agreed to be juror
was that he'd need 1,500 to 2,000 lbs of clay
for the two day workshop. He used it all, plus

Mr. Reitz may have (or have had) problems the
same as all humans have from time to time. I
don't know - it wasn't my job to interview him.

I can say that as a workshop provider and juror,
he was a gem and a jewel. He made his time that
of the workshop attendees, he spent whatever time was
left jurying the show and choosing best of show,
etc. He gave a talk and slide show, he worked
yeoman hours. He even wrote a statement, which
drove him (and me) crazy. He is a major dyslexic,
and was nervous as a cat regarding his written
statement. But it got done, as did everything.
And, as a bonus, the whole time he was throwing
one of his giant teapots and whatever else, he
talked with the students, told hilarious stories,
and generally entertained the troops.

His skill at wood fire and salt fire is remarkable.
If you can attend a workshop or class with him,
I think you would not regret it. He's absolutely
one of the best at what he does.


Dannon Rhudy