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updated wed 13 oct 10


Dinah Snipes Steveni on tue 12 oct 10

Wow! Thanks ever so much for all the tips and pointers, and recipe. I don't=
have the option to reduction fire where I am, but I will try to tweak that=
glaze recipe to work for my s'ware firing schedule. I always have an ash g=
laze on the go, and I fire in a Skutt. Combining other effects is always ex=
citing, and I always prepare for a lot of running and wipe rather high, use=
placing sand and set on s'ware clay coiled risers so I can grind off drips=
if necessary. I sometimes put a bronze/gold glaze on top arranging it care=
fully so it will travel just so far down the sides. My ash glaze is a run-w=
ay for this effect. I know placing sand works for we who fire in an electri=
c kiln, as it will begin to fly about in gas/wood and mar glaze surfaces. O=
therwise, use that wadding recipe I posted a few weeks ago, which several o=
thers did as well.

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