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rutile line blend/oh, oh-correction

updated sun 24 oct 10


Ann Brink on sat 23 oct 10

Sorry, I spoke incorrectly- it's chrome & tin that make pink, not titanium.

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From: "Ann Brink"
>I think you said in an earlier post that the kiln load had some green
>things in it. Was there any chrome in your green glaze? Chrome and titaniu=
>are used to get pink, and we know that rutile contains titanium. Maybe
>just the chrome fumes did it...
> Ann Brink in Lompoc CA
>> Even if I knew what could have contaminated the pink version it would be
>> a
>> big help. I'm going to mix it again and test it again just to make sure =
>> didn't make a mistake but if it turns pink again, how the heck will I ge=
>> the pale yellow?????? I haven't had much sucess with commercial yellow
>> stains, they all seem to fire out.
>>> --
>> Elisabeth Allison