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fw: rutile line blend

updated tue 26 oct 10


Liz Gowen 1 on mon 25 oct 10

Subject: RE: rutile line blend

That is also the pink color I get with the glaze" bone" from Ron and Johns
^6 book. I have used it in a brand new kiln without any chrome having been
fired in it and it still turns pink. It gets pinker the longer you slow coo=
and the thicker it is applied. I was thinking it was some trace chrome in
one of my chemicals but your photo seems to provide a better answer.
Liz Gowen

> A small percentage of rutile in glaze is supposed to be only yellow,
> but it can also be pink if the Si: Al ratio changed. (
> ) The

Yes, that is exactly the pink colour I got! Thank you. It must be the chrom=
from the leaves painted on with Mason 6005. I'll re-test today without any
of that in the kiln and we'll see.