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updated tue 26 oct 10


Frank Gaydos on mon 25 oct 10

I'm posting this for Perkins Center for the Arts in N.J.=3D20

Please=3DC2=3DA0reply to=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=

Greetings, my Name is Paul I am the Ceramic Tech at Perkins Center for the =
Arts in Moorestown NJ.=3DC2=3DA0 I am currently looking to acquire an indus=
l wet/dry HEPA vacuum for the studio.=3DC2=3DA0 There are several comparabl=
e co=3D
mpanies out there; Euroclean, Attix, Nilfisk and Nikro to name a few.=3DC2=
=3DC2=3DA0I am looking to get one between 10-15 gal and spend between $500=
0.=3DC2=3DA0 =3DC2=3DA0I would like to know that I am making the right inve=
stment f=3D
or the needs of the studio.=3D20

Thanks for your suggestions,=3D20

Paul =3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0 email:=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0 =3DC2=3DA0pserena@perk=

Alan Willoughby=3D20

Executive Director=3D20

Perkins Center for the Arts=3D20

395 Kings Highway=3D20

Moorestown , NJ 08057=3D20

& 30 Irvin Avenue=3D20

Collingswood , NJ 08108=3D20

phone: 856-235-6488=3D20

fax: 856-235-6624=3D20

web address:

From: Paul Serena=3D20
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 3:28 PM=3D20
To: Alan Willoughby=3D20
Subject: Vacuum blog=3D20