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83 million dollar vase yes, 83 mill.

updated tue 16 nov 10


logan johnson on sat 13 nov 10

Hey Gang,
I just ran across this yahoo story drinking my morning coke .=3DA0=3D20

Here's the video :

Too bad I know enough about pottery to not look twice at my grandmothers "I=
mari" vase !
Enjoy !

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Yakima, WA 98902 509.469.6966 "Carpe Argill=

paul gerhold on mon 15 nov 10

Just as an interesting aside, an article in Barons a week ago quoted the
owner of the Chaim and Reed gallery as saying that one of three sales ends
up in default because the buyer doesn't come up with the money. The articl=
also talks about Asian buyers at major auctions demanding term and payment
schedules and price reduction after winning bidding at the auctions. A sig=
of the times.

I have also heard from friends who do outdoor shows that the rate of pieces
coming back and credit card payments being stopped is up significantly.
Talking high end items here.