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upper michigan woodfired pottery kiln 2nd. firing

updated fri 19 nov 10


gary navarre on wed 17 nov 10

Hey Folks,

That respiratory infection I had last month finally got knocked out in tim=
e for the urologist to zap one of my kidney stones with sound last week. Al=
l went quite well, vary little blood or pain (nice to have the pills though=
), and some decent sized pieces passed. I'm ready to do the other side.

With a little help from some friends I cobbled together enough computer to=
finally reconvert some video files of the second firing for editing and se=
nding up to YouTube. So, I hope for your entertainment and education, here =
are a few new videos starting with the further development of the lighting =
ritual ...

... with elements of Japanese, Nundro, and Rasta Practice. These are spells=
in progress.

A short time after lighting the kiln around Midnight the first charge of f=
uel is put into the Pignose ...

... and the slow drying out heating can begin. I will repeat this process a=
t 5AM & Noon until about 14 hours after the beginning I'm ready to add a li=
ttle more air to the fuel...

... and begin to increase the temperature...

So far, for the most part, I have left the kiln alone firing unattended an=
d stayed in the house resting or maybe fooling around with one of my guitar=
s ...

The weather is not the greatest for working on the kiln now and being sick=
I lost a whole month at a critical seasonal sales time so I don't think I'=
ll get many Christmas wreaths made to go along with a few pieces of pottery=
I might post on Etsy. A friend suggested I do FaceBook and Etsy but I'm ju=
st starting to think clearly again so who knows, maybe I'll get it figured =
out in time for Christmas. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how Face=
book works. Somebody from my high school started a class of '64 group so th=
at is kind of interesting.

Thanks for watching, stay in there eh, and don't let it fool ya.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA