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braille designs on mugs

updated mon 29 nov 10


Dinah Snipes Steveni on sun 28 nov 10

Could I suggest a two piece cup mold taken from your original mug, using a =
professional mold maker. If you're seriously setting up in business here ra=
ther than a one-off gig then you'll want about 15 or more for each design t=
o move you through the various stages. And use a cup mold holder and a jigg=
er and jolley arm. But the really good thing would be that your original de=
sign could be easily reproduced. It's serious start-up money but you will h=
opefuly recoup through some judicious marketing. And this is where is gets =
tricky, isn't it: if you're a one-person band taking time from workshop to =
approach outlets and so forth gets crazy frustrating if you don't carefully=
structure your making/marketing strategies. But that's business! If you've=
got outlets already lined up, and a sound business plan written based on t=
his venture perhaps a Small Business loan could be secured. Happy to answer=
any nuts and bolts workshop questions off-line if desired.

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