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penland ceramic teachers.

updated fri 10 dec 10


Antoinette Badenhorst on wed 8 dec 10

Hi guys, who of you taught or know previous Penland ceramic teachers? Thank=

Antoinette Badenhorst

Vicki Hardin on wed 8 dec 10

Hi Antoinette.
I was very fortune to have taught a five day workshop on brushmaking the =
beginning of November at Penland. While I was there Gay Smith was =3D
teaching an eight week ceramics course. Her leather hard teapots were =3D
something to behold. Micheal KIline, who had been a resident artist at =3D
Penland was there during the week and gave a demo on brushwork. While =3D
I was there, they were very excited to have arranged for Jane Peiser to =
teach the ceramic course in the Spring. I also met Cynthia Bringle who =3D
has taught there since the 70's. Her studio was impressive and I am so =3D
glad she gave us all a tour. You immediately feel at home there. Don't =3D
miss her brush collection!=3D20

It goes without saying that Penland is such a wonderful place. With so =3D
many incredibly talented, inspired artists brought together in one =3D
place, it is an experience not to miss.

Vicki Hardin

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Hi guys, who of you taught or know previous Penland ceramic teachers? =3D

Antoinette Badenhorst