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summer 2010 travel/studio experience in jingdezhen, china for cera=

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Gary Erickson on sat 11 dec 10

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*Summer 2010 travel/studio experience in Jingdezhen, China for ceramic

My name is Professor Gary Erickson, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. I
have traveled to China seven times over the past six years with most of the
time spend in residency at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen:
The Porcelain City of China. Jingdezhen has over a thousand year history o=
porcelain making with the imperial kilns producing work for the emperor
during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

I have worked with Sanbao to offer a travel experience for ceramic artists
to accompany me on a 28 day trip from May 30 - June 26, 2010. We start wit=
a day in Shanghai visiting the National Museum and 50 Morganshan road
gallery district. We then fly to Jingdezhen for two weeks at Sanbao using
their studio to work with the amazing and historic porcelain. Sanbao is
located 5 kilometers outside of JDZ in a peaceful, beautiful valley and is
created as a Ming dynasty artist village with studio, housing and
restaurant. I have arranged for members of the group to have an exhibition
of a piece they bring with them with a catalog being produced. I will
simultaneously have a solo exhibition of my sculpture made over the past tw=
summers. During the two weeks we will also explore the workshops in town
seeing double throwers moving over 200 lbs of clay in making sections for
vases up to 18 feet tall, porcelain tiles 4'x12' and 1/4" thick, qinghua
underglaze blue decorators at work, water-powered hammer mills crushing
Chinastone for the porcelain clay body...mind boggling stuff! During the
time in Sanbao's studio we can create workshop/demos as interest dictates b=
arranging for master artists to visit the studio and share knowledge and
teach traditional painting techniques, brush making, etc. There is also a
factory in town that creates underglaze decals that are made for porcelain.
The decals they sell have traditional Chinese imagery and work like
temporary tattoos being printed on paper and released onto the greenware
clay with water. The factory can also make an embossed plate and create
your own decal image that you could print as many as you like to bring
home. Anything is possible!!!!

The second part of the trip is traveling for a week first to Fujian Provinc=
and the Wuyi mountain area. Known for its natural beauty and Oolong tea we
will also visit small ceramic villages and have interchange with the local
artists, learning about their work and life. This region is known for Jian
Yao ware stoneware with what is called rabbit fur glaze and we also will
visit nearby in Zhejiang Province known for famous Longquan celadon ware.
Sanbao knows local artists in the region and allows us to experience their
life in an intimate way. After this week we return to Sanbao to finish and
fire work made before returning to Shanghai and flights home.

I brought a group for a month trip three years ago to another region of
China and we had an amazing experience, so unlike government sponsored trip=
where everything is controlled showing you China the way they want you to
see it. Sanbao is not burdened with these obligations and strives to give =
deeper cultural experience and specific to what artists want to see and do.
I created this itinerary with the knowledge of my time in China to give a
balanced experience of working with clay and travel with an emphasis on
learning and bonding within the group.
Specifics:* May 30 - June 26, 2010, 28-days. Cost: 8-10 travelers $2900
10-14 travelers $2600 PLUS your international airfare, visa and tips. The
cost includes all in China transportation, housing, food and Chinese
speaking guide. Not included would be clay and firing costs.....the clay i=
very inexpensive. *Deposit:* $400 ASAP *Deadline: I must confirm with
Sanbao if I am bringing a group by January 31st, 2011....eight minimum*. A=
that time I need not only the deposit but either - the full trip cost that =
will forward on to Sanbao OR 1/2 the trip cost with the balance to be pai=
to Sanbao when we arrive in Jingdezhen..if using a credit card at Sanbao
there will be a 4% fee added. This option takes some burden off of needing
the full amount right away.

I currently have two deposits and 6-7 artists with strong interest working
out details. I will reserve on a first come basis until I reach the maximu=
of 14 travelers.

If you have interest and would like a full itinerary with details contact m=
by email at ( ) or phone 612-379-0306. I am very
excited about sharing my knowledge of Jingdezhen with other ceramic
artists. Gary Erickson