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kenyon hansen woodfired pottery

updated sun 19 dec 10


gary navarre on sat 18 dec 10

Hey Folks,

What a surprise when I went to class last week and found out the kid on th=
e cover of Ceramics Monthly is from around here and has a show for the gran=
d opening of a new cultural project started by his high school teacher Tim =
Zablaki. I had thought I was uploading two clips 15 minutes long but musta =
grabbed the uncut version right at the time YouTube has allowed me to uploa=
d clips longer than 15 minutes. I had a friend tell me my clips are a bit l=
ong but I didn't expect this...

I guess if you are on a slow connection this might not be a pleasant expe=
rience. All others, the kid shows potential so enjoy the show and stay in t=
here eh.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA