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variable rutile

updated mon 12 jan 98


Stuart Altmann on sat 10 jan 98

"Not all the rutiles behave the same way in a recipe...small
variations...should have a very minor effect on the glaze."

--Tom Buck

One of my favorite glazes is copper blue where thick and breaks rust
brown-red from iron where thin. Works both in oxidation and reduction on
stoneware, but not porcelain. At its best, the blue has a wonderful depth
to it. I've used this glaze often.

Then I made up a new batch. Ran out of my very old, light rutile and
substituted what was available, called just rutile and clearly darker in
color. Still got the blue and the brown-red, but without the luminous
depth in the blue. After checking and varying amounts of the components,
particularly the copper, without much success, I decided the new rutile
might be the problem. Finally located light rutile, at Highwater Clay, and
made up a new batch. It is much better, but still quite as good as the
original. The blue just doesn't have the same luminous quality. Sigh!

Stuart Altmann

Janet Capetty on sun 11 jan 98

You mentioned your favorite glaze was copper blue. Can you share the recipe?