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metallic effect in woodfire

updated wed 22 dec 10


Paul Haigh on tue 21 dec 10

I had a mother and daughter come by the booth that loved my work and wanted=
3 large vases for the daughter's wedding, but they would like something bl=
ack or metallic or both. They liked the effects I got with my tenmoku on so=
me pots- but if I'm going to make 2 x 18" vases and a 30" vase- I want to m=
ake sure I nail it (we all know how predictable woodfire effects are :)

My plan was to just paint iron and cobalt oxide on the outside as these eac=
h give me a metallic effect where thick, but I worry about evenness (maybe =
spray with a bit of clay in the mix). Another idea was to use ocmulgee or h=
igh iron clay

Does anyone have a metallic glaze that would work for me in woodfire? I can=
keep these pots back away from the firebox a bit. Some side to side variat=
ion (as per woodfire effect) would be fine/desirable anyway. Anything varyi=
ng black/blue/purple would go with their scheme.

Paul Haigh
Wiley Hill Mudworks

Lee Love on tue 21 dec 10

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 3:08 PM, Paul Haigh wrote:

> Does anyone have a metallic glaze that would work for me in woodfire?

These are both from John Britt

Gold Shino

Button Gold

60.00 Nepheline Syenite
30.00 Redart
10.00 Gerstley Borate

=3DA0Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

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