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improving your brushwork

updated thu 23 dec 10


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Dear Mudbuds=3D2C

I was browsing my at-home library and came across a couple of books I=3D20
hadn't seen for a while. Hidden between a book on Chinese glazes and a=3D2=
biography of Shoji Hamada was a pair of softbacks on sumi-e brushwork. I
recommend them to you:

"The Sumi-e Book=3D2C" by Yolanda Mayhall ISBN 0-8230-5022-x Watson-Gupti=
Publications=3D2C 1989

"The Sumi-e Dream Book=3D2C" by Yolanda Mayhall ISBN 0-8230-5023-8 Watson=
uptill Publications=3D2C 2003

Head for a local moving company like U-Haul and pick up a pack of=3D20
newsprint for wrapping stuff. Break out your favorite brushes and=3D20
practice the exercises in these books. You'll find your decorative=3D20
brushwork is more expressive and free.

Great last minute gift (hint=3D2C hint). [Insert usual commercial disclaim=

Tig Dupre

in Port Orchard=3D2C WA =3D