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21st century kilns review in clay times

updated thu 6 jan 11


David Hendley on wed 5 jan 11

Congratulations to Mel an all his co-authors, and thanks to Steve
Branfman for the fantastic review of the "21st Centaury Kilns"
book project in the new Clay Times magazine.
In Steve's 15 years of Clay Times book reviews, I don't think
I've read a more enthusiastic review.
In case you haven't been paying attention, you can order the
book and DVD set at

This issue also features Hank Murrow's great foot roller tool and
technique in Vince's 'Tool Times' column.
2011 marks my 10-year anniversary of writing the 'Around the
Firebox' column for Clay Times. Wow, time flies.

David Hendley