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"bison studios" will not be doing the tampa 'nceca" shin-dig ( but=

updated mon 10 jan 11


Philip Poburka on sun 9 jan 11

will continue doing, as ever, of course! )

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to mention, I will not be representing my Tools in the
Commercial Hall of the up-coming 'N.C.E.C.A.' Shin-Digs in Tampa, Florida.

Quite a few people have been writing to ask me if I was expecting to be
there, so, I thought it the polite thing to do, to issue a formal mention o=
"Nope, not this time...but prolly the neckst Seattle."

I have been so busy this whole last year till now, making Tools and doing m=
Uncle Phil's Home for Wayward Gentle Pigeons and other inner-city Bird
rescue-rehab and raising logistically Orphan Bird Baby stuff, it has just
been long days every day, 7 days a week, non-stop, a-go-go.


So, have not had any slack to produce and prepare an inventory to bring and
show, and, thus, without an ample inventory to have spread out on the
Table and in Boxes below, there is no point in going to just stand at a
Booth trying to be
charming or convivial with my you-know-what hanging in the proverbial

Have fun all if you go!

Say "Hi!" for me!


Best wishes!


Bison Studios
Las Vegas