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nceca plans

updated mon 10 jan 11


Kelly Savino on sun 9 jan 11

Every time another potter friend says he/she is not going, I get less excit=
ed about NCECA this trip.

I am going, though. I am flying down with Edith Franklin, and she and Barba=
ra Brown have generously offered to share their hotel room with me.

I'm involved with the Potters Council and the K12 this year, and I won't ha=
te some fresh air and sunshine... and the endless exposure to good pottery =
that refuels my inspiration for the next year and helps me raise the bar fo=
r myself.

It's sad, though, that the economy has cost us a chance to gather with frie=
nds the way we have in the past.

Maybe the clayarters who are going could use facebook, or cell texting, or =
some other method of arranging some "flash mob" get togethers, a meal here,=
a gallery hop there? Maybe somebody can find a funky little coffee shop we=
can call clayart central?

There must be a way. It's a high tech world. My brother met a lovely woman =
in Bogota over the internet, and before he ever met her in person, he used =
to project her webcam image on his dining room wall so they could have dinn=
er together, live, every night.

Now they are happily married, and expecting their first baby next month...

Kelly in Ohio