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john's rant on teachers

updated tue 11 jan 11


mel jacobson on mon 10 jan 11

my god john, i have sternum pain. i am on the floor laughing.
it brings back so many stories in my brain.

my favorite teacher trick.
i would do workshops for elementary teachers to help
them understand simple art concepts.
even with the elem specialist on hand. i did it free will, no pay.
we would have up to ten teachers present from the pool of 250.

i would tell them...`you have to understand, i am
not just an art teacher, i am a professional potter and
artist. i actually sell stuff` so;
i would take a fresh box of craypas, (oil crayons.) brand new.
break them all in half, take off the paper.
my goodness, i just broke all the rules of elementary
education. folks were clutching their breasts..the guys too.
`mel, what did you just do, break the crayons?`

then i would take a big sheet of arches/300lb paper and
do a landscape drawing with the sides, corners and edges
of those crayons. i actually did art.

they would gasp and breath hard.

if you ever visited one of those classes you would never
see old broken crayons. paper on, and then they would
use the crayon sharpener.
god, my life in art. the coloring book lives on.
from: minnetonka, mn
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