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anybody brave enough? nceca roomie...

updated fri 14 jan 11


Kelly Savino on wed 12 jan 11

My pal Edith Franklin has decided not to make the trip to Tampa this year. =
She's had a big year with her move and the sale of her house, and says she =
just doesn't have the energy for it this year.

That leaves the fabulous Barbara Brown and little old me in search of a thi=
rd roomie. Edith and Barbara had booked a room at the Embassy Suites, acros=
s the street from the convention center, Tuesday to Saturday, free breakfas=
t and cocktail hour w/ munchies.

We need a third roomie. Anybody interested? Write me off list at ksavino@be=

home by the fire tonight with kids, cats and hubby... let it snow.

Bonnie Staffel on thu 13 jan 11

Hey Kelly, I can relate to how Edith feels. I roomed with her and =3D
other Toledo Potters Guild members back when we all went to Pennsylvania =
a big conference at State College (pre ENCA) We had a ball. However, I =3D
had my trip for this year going to the UP for two weeks the end of =3D
We are just not bouncing back as quickly as we used to.=3D20

However, Edith is really a ball of fire when she does get going. I have
never been to an NCECA but wish I could. Age has brought difficulties =3D
I seem to miss too much, being very short and also partially deaf. I =3D
wish I could meet personally all the posters to Clayart whose names have
become so familiar to me. =3D20

Glad to say I am still working some. Threw a dozen bird bodies today as =3D
as processed the clay through the 40 year old Bluebird. Oh those trusty =3D
pieces of equipment that are still working as well.=3D20

Hope you find someone and have a wonderful time for me.

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