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updated mon 17 jan 11


Bill Merrill on sun 16 jan 11

My studio is 1000 square feet. It was a steel garage behind my house. =3D
I built an inner wooden frame so it could be insulated and finished with =
wall board. I had only basic electricity that was attached to my house. =
I eliminated the old wiring and put in a 200 AMP service. This way I =3D
have more than enough power for numerous electric kilns, clay mixer, =3D
etc. running at the same time. It was absolutely worth the effort to =3D
have a 200 AMP service. I have numerous 220 outlets as well as alot of =3D
regular 110 outlets. I have 4, 4000 watt heaters in the studio and with =
that much heating power , it will heat the studio quickly if it is cold. =
The ceiling height is 12 feet at the peak of the interioor roof and it =3D
slopes to 9 foot walls. Where the regular sized garage door was I =3D
framed the opening and put 3, 2 " X 4 ' glass block windows and on the =3D
north side of the studio I put 2 sets of French doors. The light is the =
studio is very good even without turning on thr lights. My kiln area is =3D
between my house and studio. I used clear Lexan for the roof over =3D
colorful trusses. I live in a climate that I did not have to enclose =3D
the kiln area, at least not of this time. I paid to have the studio =3D
plasterboarded and that was a good move. The studio looks like a mini =3D
museum. The men who did that work for me made it so there was no joints =
showing or any other marks. The walls were also primered and an orange =3D
peel surface was sprayed all over. I just painted and primed it again. =
All of the plasterboard, labor etc cost $2600 smackeroos and worth =3D
every penny. I could not have done as good a job as they did and they =3D
only took several days to do. Waiting for the taping to dry and =3D
replastering took most of the time. I did all the framing, laid out =3D
the wiring and had a friend put in the fuse box etc. I know that there =3D
is a lot of money in the studio, but I did not do it all at once. Worth =
the effort and what I have now that it is mostly complete. My point is =
a 200 AMP service or even a 100 AMP service is an investment in your =3D
studio you won't regret. =3D20
Making pots is easy, putting yourself in a good frame of mind is most =3D
important. Working in a cubbyhole is OK becuse it's what you make that =3D
is what counts. Give me a crappy space so I can make art is the most =3D
important thing. Keep making pots the best ones are still in you!!!!