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updated tue 18 jan 11


mel jacobson on mon 17 jan 11

this entire concept is very dangerous, and one that
i have tried to keep away from on all fronts.

who knows where the money goes? and that is dangerous.

i have always been of the mind set that clayart is free.
no collections.

on a couple of occasions we have gotten some money
for some clayart friends that were in dire need. we had
strong evidence....but, every now and then we get the
soppy sad stories started, and we delete them.
folks just working us over for funds. like bums on the street.

we don't do that here on clayart. danger.

the clayart room issue is very difficult. and to have
someone step forward and actually do it will be damned hard.

i don't want to throw a blanket on it...but, i warn anyone
that wants to collect money....`don't do it`. they will come
after you later and want an accounting. and it can get really
sticky. i would rather have me in debt, than an accusation
that i stole the money.

you all know how i hate the `make a living off of grants and
`opm` other people's money, then go online and tell us how
they hate the very people that gave the money....political bs
in the first order. `ugly corporate america, bash bash.` well,
unless they give a grant. and the public display of being poor,
like they have a
higher moral standard than those that actually work to make a living.
who the hell owes artists money? i don't get it. do we owe others a
living? just because they exist? not in my book. i have been around
them for years...whine about other people with some wealth, like they
did not earn it. it is damn hard to run a small business. damn hard.
i know. it is not second hand information. and many of you making
a living with clay can second it. and third it. it is damn hard.

that is the reason i sent the bills from philly to three trusted
clayart friends...and copies of my visa bill.
i had to do that. integrity is everything.

a couple of nceca's in the past i have gotten nicked for
a few hundred bucks here and there. ron roy, tony and some others passed
the hat and gave me some money. it made me very nervous, but
it was free will. ron held the money, and gave it to me.
hand shake receipt. and, i did appreciate it very much. not so
much the lost money problem, but my family gets really pissed when i come
home from nceca 500 bucks in the hole...years of time and giving
can get the family a little bit with their `undies in a bunch` is sort
of...`how much can you do?` well, as some of you know, giving
back to clayart, and, you the crafts person has been a goal of mine.
i get so damn much from clay...nice to give back...and to help
those just getting started, young folks, women without backing...
those with the struggle, just makes me want to help. i won't get
a statue, or a wreath...just something that many of us like to do.

we have some very generous, caring people here on clayart. they give
all the time. selfless, and anonymous. i know the names, and the
kindness. in so many ways, i am more than even. but, the sleepless
nights, the rancor and fighting with some stupid hotel is not for me
any longer. that can go on for months. and sharlene is going to
hit me with a baseball bat if that starts up again.

times are really tough in the hotel business...they are scrapping for
every dime. so, it is not fun any longer. nceca is really feeling the
pinch...and just the costs of getting kilns to florida, union thugs waiting
at the philly conv center back door with front end loaders...hands
out. 500 bucks
to move a kiln 15 feet. and, you cannot move it yourself. nasty stuff.
many of the vendors have pulled their heads in big time. they have
had enough. they seem to be far ahead just running an add in
cm/claytimes or other venues. and, every vendor out their is down
about 25 percent in sales. hard to spend another 15 grand going to

so, good luck. i am going to take this year off, gather my thoughts.
spend 500 bucks on sharlene. or give my daughter something...she is
too, in hard times. she works with autistic/down syn. kids at the local
school. they hit her, wet their pants, run away. one got
away from her friday, got through the door of the swimming pool and jumped
in fully clothed..she was really freaked. had to go in and get the
kid. hard way
to make a living. the kid could have drowned. he could not swim. thank g=
it was the shallow end. he sure did not know. sheer luck.

so, things are things.

from: minnetonka, mn
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