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updated sat 22 jan 11


June on fri 21 jan 11


You can easily make sponge holders using a small diameter piece of dowel, a=
nd attach half of a clothespin (the ones with the spring). The clothespin e=
asily holds and releases the sponge; and you can make them in various sizes=
. The small ones for the children can also have the other end ground down t=
o a point to be used as a needle tool.

Plastic credit cards can be cut as various rib shapes, or cut to form roun=
ded or other decorative feet, or just cut part of the card (about 1/2 way o=
r less)into even or uneven ribbons to run through freshly applied slip for =

Old ping pong and similar paddles can be found inexpensively at Good Will S=
tores and Flea markets. Fluting tools can easily be made using metal strapp=
ing by cutting a horizontal line and then beating it out with a ball pean h=
ammer. The other end of the strap can be left as it, or rounded a bit to us=
e as another fluting tool, or bent and used as a chattering tool.

Upholstery sponge can be cut out with various designs and used to stamp sli=
p, or remove slip, leaving the negative design, or to stamp oxide washes ov=
er glazes.

Pieces old fashioned doilies can be rolled over on clay for various pattern=
s and these are probably easy to find at the aforementioned flea markets an=
d Good Will type stores. Textured wallpaper (most stores will give you samp=
les) is another good thing for texture on slab work.

Cheese cutters, which I've purchased for $.50 at Good Will stores are very =
good for faceting, as is, or you can remove the straight wire and replace i=
t with various wires that you have wrapped/or twisted to create different t=
extures on the facets.

Scrap PVC pipe can be cut in various lengths and glues to an inexpensive, p=
lastic lazy Susan, to create tool holders.

I have an old spreader that I purchased at a Goodwill store and the slight =
up curve on the end is great for removing bats easily. Some old paint mixin=
g knives work as well.

Nuts and bolts, old buttons, etc. can be glued to short pieces of doweling =
to create texture stamps.

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