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updated sat 22 jan 11


Nancy Spinella on fri 21 jan 11


Kids? Heck, I'm an adult and I just use whatever tools I can
peeler, cuticle cutter (that I got in a manicure kit), plastic utensils,
broken metal utensils, those polystyrene cartons that mushrooms come in,
cut-to-shape credit/insurance cards (old ones, of course), makeup brushes (=
don't wear makeup), bamboo skewers, wooden chopsticks from the sushi place,
mesh bags from onions, the mesh overlay on the clementine box (great for
texture!), leftover drinking straws....the list goes on and on. I'll admit
that I've purchased actual clay tools and "carving kits" but that old orang=
peeler is probably one of my absolute favorite hand-carving tools!

We potters are a resourceful lot. :)