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fwd: nceca and clayart announcment

updated tue 25 jan 11


Ken Nowicki on mon 24 jan 11

Wow Mel... this is the best message I've heard for "Hope & Change" in the
Ceramic Community in a very long time... sounds promising! Best of luck on
the negotiations... and thank you for all you've done and continue to do on
behalf of the Clayart community!

PS - Does this mean you might be coming to Tampa after all?

- Ken

Ken Nowicki
Port Washington, New York
Potters Council Charter Member

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:15 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> we are in soft negotiations with nceca to
> bring clayart together with nceca as a major
> communications arm.
> joe molinaro is working on several special projects
> for necea and one of his aims is to bring us together.
> the` board of directors` of nceca has started this
> conversation, and has asked him to talk to me.
> (we spoke on the phone yesterday for an hour, and we
> are certainly on the same page...totally.)
> i have sent out a general mailing to a dozen long
> time clayart friends and the consensus is overwhelmingly
> in favor of this project.
> it will not change in any way our association with acers,
> and our goal of `bringing quality clay education to the world`
> will remain the same.
> in fact, the goal of all three organizations is the same.
> nceca has a new director and president. the board is
> pro/clayart for the first time in history. we know they
> are catching on. on any given day clayart reaches 10,000+
> clay interested people. yahoo mirrors clayart as does google.
> the numbers are becoming staggering. clayart also has the
> word's experts on all phases of ceramic learning. the best there
> is. it is just a fact. from toxicology, to physics, to chemistry
> to building. we cover it all. and, it includes almost 90 countries.
> the life of computer glaze computation started its journey with
> clayart friends.
> i/clayart received a message that paul soldner had died within
> thirty minutes of his passing. thousands knew about paul minutes later.
> almost as fast as CNN. clayart members read their mail. just a fact.
> i have offered our services to nceca many times....but, we are finally
> in a climate of cooperation that seems very good.
> doris seems able to provide some sort of space for us at the
> tampa convention. i think this will happen. we will keep our fingers
> crossed.
> we would like to expand our service with the `clayart room` to many other=
> the idea of a rest place that is safe and honorable is appealing. a plac=
> to meet others, find friends, and have simple educational activities goin=
> on. it costs nothing to be classy. and for those traveling alone, it is=
> god send.
> we have no hard evidence, but clayart has increased the numbers for
> nceca a great deal. many that would never join without clayart.
> and, we know we have filled some hotels to capacity with clayart members.=
> i am talking about 500 people+...not bad.
> this will not cost nceca any money. it will only benefit both parties.
> we can build on our nceca conference presence, and nceca will have
> a vital communications arm for information that needs to be spread to
> the world of clay.
> this should be a win, win, win for all parties. i am assuming it will be
> a fact in about two weeks.
> i am going to do a telephone conference with the major players on
> friday afternoon. joe molinaro will moderate the call.
> mel jacobson/moderator
> as joe and i talked about sunday....internet, computer
> computation, digital pix and film
> will dominate clay education in the future. clay education had better
> figure it out. or, we all lose. what happens to elementary, junior high
> and high school clay education will be the life or death of college
> ceramics.
> a fact.
> from: minnetonka, mn
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