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business information varies

updated wed 26 jan 11


mel jacobson on tue 25 jan 11

what is so great about clayart is that information
pours in.
what is good for one, is not good for another.
we try and stimulate conversation that can be used
by a variety of artists/crafts people.

often those in art/craft have limited knowledge
of basic business law.

in our world today, you can be savaged very fast.
business law.
you must have basic information to
be in business. every state, region or national
origin is different.
i just start conversations.

litigation can pop up at any time. artist beware.
don't think the world will think you are so nice they
will leave you alone. don't even think it.

bonnie hellman is one of our most respected clayarters.
her knowledge as a cpa is noted.
many others have had experiences that can
be shared.

this list is unique. very.
one minute we get a well planned post from neon-cat.
next a piece of information from a noted chemist, a physicist,
a cpa, a toxicologist. and, we even get you a
basic cone 6 white glaze recipe if you want...then the history
of ancient clay.

from: minnetonka, mn
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