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ac in the studio

updated sun 30 jan 11


tony clennell on sat 29 jan 11

Actually I'm not looking forward to the humidity of summer. When we
talked to our realtor when we were building our studio he said "You
can have AC and customers or no AC and no customers. We live here in
the Banana Belt that has incredibly high humidity. You can be soaking
wet from just walking out to get the mail. We have a window unit that
works overtime in the summer when there are people in the showroom.
They wouldn't stand there and look at pots if they had sweat dripping
from their brows. I have been known to sleep on the showroom floor in
August when it is unbearable. Actually we just this past summer got a
portable window unit for the livingroom. I don't like sleeping with
AC. Rather have a fan blowing on me. Geez, it's Jan and I'm talking
summer. Time seems to be flying that fast.