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fw: studio heaters

updated sun 30 jan 11


Dana Om Pottery on sat 29 jan 11

Also if you see in your manual you are supposed to burn off the wick once a=
by letting the heater burn out to empty. It is supposed to reduce the black
carbon buildup on the wick. If there is a lot of black smoke it could be du=
e to
the wick needing replacement. I use a keroscene heater in my studio along w=
electric base board heat. Only way i can get it warm enough to work in when
getting a bit soggy throwing. Thinking of eventually getting a pellet stove=
as i
have one upstairs that heats my entire main living quarters. Costs me about=
a season to heat the house. Love it!!!!



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On January 28, 2011, Alice DeLisle wrote:
> A bit of caution might be in order for kerosene heaters. I used a
> kerosene heater in my studio for a couple of years. ..... The smoke
from the kerosene heater was coating everything.
> That area would include my lungs. I have since stopped using the
> kerosene in favor of another system.

One thing to know about these heaters, like the lamps, is that the amount
of smoke depends on how much of the fuel is really being burned. Putting
the wick up too high (or having a malfunctioning automatic wick) can cause
more smoke. Not saying you did that, Alice, but others on the list may not
be aware.


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