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updated thu 3 feb 11


Lee on tue 1 feb 11

I had dozens of translations to choose from. The one I chose was
Ursula LeGuin's. I always choose poetic over ugly literal
translations, and then look up the meaning of the original language.

Check out translations at The Feminine Tao:

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 12:43 AM, ivor and olive lewis
> Lee's comment about Ch 11 of Tao-te Ching is interesting.

=3DA0Lee Love in Minneapolis

=3DA0"Ta tIr na n-=3DF3g ar chul an tI=3D97tIr dlainn trina ch=3DE9ile"=3D9=
7that is, =3D
land of eternal youth is behind the house, a beautiful land fluent
within itself." -- John O'Donohue

ivor and olive lewis on wed 2 feb 11

You have the advantage of fluency with the ideograms Lee.
Treasure that skill and knowledge.
Best regards,