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airbrushing sprayers & nceca

updated tue 8 feb 11


Thomas G. Sawyer, M.D., J.D. on mon 7 feb 11

1. I haven't done any airbrushing for several years and will require
some equipment. Might I have some recommendations?

2. If anyone will be visiting Orlando before or after NCECA and would
like to visit a local potter, I would be delighted to meet you contingent
upon any time constraints that may yet arise. I have been a hobby potter fo=
about 40 years and was more active in this group some years ago; I still
listen daily but seldom make any cogent comments. I both throw and hand
build and my taste runs to sculptural constructions with lots of planters
and bowls. I've done thousands of glaze tests over the years and have lots
of good results using layered glazes that I obtained from Clayart years pas=
and from various commercial companies. For those interested in Coyote glaze=
that have been layered, I have lots of glazes mixing Laguna, Spectrum, Amac=
& Coyote. In fact I've toyed with the idea of "booking" them and asking
other Clayart members for various commercial glaze layering results. I've
also recently been working with large slabs 30 x 20-24 inches that I've
decorated with combinations of these glazes, glass, copper and found things=
Some of these have turned out remarkably attractive.

Tom Sawyer

Orlando, FL.