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naked raku vase at salvation army store.

updated tue 8 feb 11


Antoinette Badenhorst on mon 7 feb 11

A very well, lightweight,=3DC2=3DA0wheelthrown (14-16" tall and app 18"wide=
) pi=3D
nkish bottle=3DC2=3DA0ended up =3DC2=3DA0on a table in our Salvation army s=
tore thi=3D
s weekend for $10! Signed Jackson on the bottom. It had a hole the size of =
a thumb nail near the top.Seems like it had a direct impact, but no crackin=
g from there. =3DC2=3DA0I was going back and forth about rescuing it ( the =
e is nothing to fix) and ended up leaving it there since I do not have room=
to put it at the moment.=3D20

I saw many cast out pottery before and it never bothers me, but this one br=
eaked my hear t.=3D20

I was wondering about my own work. Where does it go? Once it leaves the stu=
dio it is totally out of our hands.=3D20

Then there is the 600 years old ming vase that turned up in the uk.........=


Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20