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what goes into making a mug??

updated thu 15 jan 98


Jenny Lewis on wed 14 jan 98

Sam - I really enjoyed reading this, and will keep a copy near to me
forever! Maybe it will help the strain of pulling those 5000
handles, blast them.

I have a favourite, related, answer to a dumb question which
unfortunately I have not often managed to use. It's not original, I
read it somewhere ages ago and can't remember where.

Sniffy, demanding, and annoying customer: "How long does it take to
learn how to make these anyway?"

Sweetly smiling potter: "Oh, about 500 years or so."

I think I will learn how to pull beautiful handles LONG before I
learn how to do sweetly-smiling answers to stupid questions.... but
yes, I do realise that it is a technique just as essential as all the
rest of the process!

Jenny Lewis
overlooking Regents Park
and practising SMILING as much as possible
:) :) :)