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nils and 151 mugs

updated sun 13 feb 11


mel jacobson on sat 12 feb 11

nils has never made `over` four mugs in one year since
1962. remember, he `plays` with clay. and, i have seen
those handles fall off, smash, right on the concrete floor.
(and, they are still on the floor of his old studio..he sweeps
every 16 years.)

but, then, since he married diane, things may just be
getting a bit tighter around that beautiful oregon home*...let us hope.
he sure needs leadership.
do look at his new book, it is a dandy. makes good sense about
creative thinking and making art.

*nils' home in the oregon hills is one of the most
beautiful places/homes in america. breathtaking.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book: