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looking 4 nceca roommate non smoking room

updated tue 22 feb 11


logan johnson on mon 21 feb 11

Hey Gang ,
=3DA0I'm very sorry to say my NON SMOKING room at nceca is now looking for =
a =3D
The hotel is the Marriott Tampa Waterside right across the street from the =
convention center over looking=3DA0 the river. (The hotel I mean, I don't k=
w if the room over looks the river)
As far as I can see by looking at Google maps It would be a killer location=
for Clayarters to walk to if the Clayart room in the convention center kic=
ks us out earlier than we would like.
I'm sure it has a lounge where Clayarters could get a tasty adult beverage=
=3DA0 if some of us are=3DA0 inclined to do so .=3DA0 If you're looking for=
a roo=3D
m drop me a=3DA0 line & we'll get this together !
Later !

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