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clayart room at tampa excerpt from nceca newsletter

updated wed 23 feb 11


Veena Raghavan on tue 22 feb 11

Hi folks,

For anyone who did not read the NCECA newsletter, I thought you might be
interested in seeing this. Wish I was going to be there, but maybe some oth=
year. In the meantime, congratulations Mel on the new relationship, and
thank you for working hard to get this going.


Clayart and NCECA NCECA is pleased to announce that Clayart will have a
room at the Tampa Convention Center that will be accessible this year to al=
NCECA visitors, both those who are registered for the conference and those =
are not. The Clayart room will be a place to gather, learn about Clayart,
meet other members of the community and learn about materials, processes an=
issues in ceramic art. Clayart moderator Mel Jacobson is working with
membership to develop a schedule for this space, which will be located in R=
oom 25
within a publicly accessible location at the conference site. Included in
the plans for the Clayart room will be the community's traditional mug
exchange, a simple display of "sets of dishes" and educational talks/demos =
the three days of conference. All will be welcome to see what is happening
and learn more about the Clayart community. A schedule of events will be
posted in the 2011 Clayart Room.

NCECA's Board and Clayart representatives anticipate further work on an
affiliation agreement in the coming year, making continued space and
opportunities for Clayart programming a component of future conference prog=

Access to most other aspects of the conference will require registration
and, volunteers will be on hand to watch that badges are being worn.
Maintaining NCECA membership and registering for the conference will not on=
ly provide
access to all areas of the conference, it will also help sustain a strong
and vibrant NCECA. This in turn will help nurture effective affiliations wi=
Clayart and other groups that share global concern and passion for ceramic
art and education.