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the fishes and loaves slip

updated fri 16 jan 98


Anthony G Allison on thu 15 jan 98

Hello out there

I thought it would be fun to share a formula for an interesting slip. I call
it Dadeo's orange blossom special. It runs really nice orange in my wood
kiln- haven't tried it any other way. ^10 reduction

2 lbs borax
2 lbs soda ash
2 lbs old hickory ball clay
4 oz powdered aluminum
2 oz titanium oxide

You will see why it is referred to as fishes and loaves! The above will fit
into a one gallon pail but the slip continues to thicken and you need to
add more and more water. Eventually your pail will runneth over and a five
gallon has to be offered up. Apply thin.

PS the above looks good with yellow to orange flashing of sair-bond.

The weather here in Minnesota is cold (25 below zero) and pretty dressed in
hoar frost. Try freezing a fresh pot with wet slip on it--fascinating
effects! If you leave it out for as week, the frozen moisture will sublimate
and the pot will be dry when you bring it in. (no shrinkage)

Hasta Later

Tony Allison