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60 degrees in studio

updated thu 24 feb 11


Donna Causland on wed 23 feb 11

Clayart friends:
I've been quiet lately but still tuned in to clayart.
Spent the last year running a Gallery/ studio in Keystone, CO.
Closed that, moved it down the road & turned it into a co-op
gallery - yea - only work there 1 day a month - variety of local
artists. Only rule - play nice & take some responsibility.
It's working so far.
My husband & I bought the ranch of our dreams. I finally own
my studio. I have earned my living from ceramics since I was in my 20's.
Moral of the story: Dreams do come true ( even if they take 30 years!!!!)
Here's the ECO part: There is a 4 panel solar system on the garage/worksho=
section of the barn that is now my studio that runs the in floor heat. Tha=
cutting it at minus 40 degrees. My porcelain froze. Good neighbors donated =
250 gal. propane tank & a slightly used boiler. Sounded simple. It took 2
of permits & inspections. Crazy stuff. Frustrating.
Anyway, fired it up yesterday & it held 60 degrees in the studio overnight
(below 0 outside)
I am so happy.
Heading to work in a Tee shirt.
See you all in Tampa,